Traditional IBD treatments were focused on the use of chemically derived drugs like antibiotics, aminosalicylates, and corticosteroids. However, biologics in IBD is by far the most effective and side-effect-free medication that IBD patients can adopt to get rid of the debilitating symptoms that worsen their health condition, and lead to several life-threatening conditions that cannot be curbed easily. Apart from this direct advantage of keeping the disease symptoms at bay in quicker, safer, and, natural manner, biologics also promise the advantage of targeted action, thus leaving no impacts on the healthier areas close by. However, medications like corticosteroids fail to do so, and instead supress the immune system as a whole, as a part of its action to control inflammatory bowel disease symptoms.
Though we are yet to have a scientific definition for both remission and deep remission, it simply indicates that the chosen treatment method is working effectively.  Remission is a clear sign that they symptoms of the inflammatory bowel disease condition, be it Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, have significantly improved to better and stable levels where the debilitating symptoms do not interfere with and upset the daily activities of the patients.
Irrespective of achieving remission, most people with inflammatory bowel disease are advised to continue their medications on a long term basis, in order to keep them healthy and symptom-free.  Apart from chemically-derived drugs, genetically engineered medications or biologics like adalimumab, golimumab and infliximab, are also used as medications to achieve and maintain remission.  However, patients are directed not to take the medicines altogether if they miss a dose on any day.  Moreover, if an IBD patient manages to maintain deep remission and symptom-free stages for several years, it might be possible that the treatment can be stopped, though we are yet to get a clarity on this by research experts around the world.
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