Clothing and dressing play important roles in children’s learning and development. Child care professionals offer positive messages about clothes, and support their learning through daily practices and programs. Strategies to support positive outcomes for children include.One should talk about tastes and preferences in clothing and fashion with children. Even very young children can have a keen interest in what they and others wear. As children become older they often also become interested in clothing that shows favourite characters. Many school aged children, and even some younger children, are conscious of labels and fashions. When discussing clothing with children, adults should avoid sending children the message that they are being ‘judged’ either positively or negatively by what they wear.When kids become interested in dressing and undressing themselves, make the tasks achievable and give as little help as is needed for the child to continue. For younger children, this may mean using strategies such as pulling a sock partially off and asking the child to take it off the rest of the way. Let kids try when they want to, and offer them encouragement. Like other routines, dressing activities offer a valuable chance for quality, one to one interactions with children.
Children’s clothing can have a significant impact upon their health, safety and wellbeing. This can relate not only to the types of clothes that kids wear, but also to when and how these are worn. A child’s age is also an important consideration for child care professionals when they determine how a child’s clothing may affect their comfort and safety. It is important that the design and fit of clothes and accessories, including those for dressing up play, are safe. For example, long hems can put children at risk of tripping, and items such as capes, scarves, necklaces, long drawstrings and ribbons also present strangulation or tripping hazards. Child care professionals need to ensure that children engaging in dress up play are carefully supervised to monitor any clothing hazards. The younger the child, the more carefully clothing safety hazards need to be considered.Tops with large necks, cardigans, slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro are also good clothing choices to support kids who want to dress themselves. Bigger buttons or toggles are also easier for kids to manage than small buttons or press studs. Child care professionals can encourage and support families to provide children with clothes that will help them to manage some dressing and toileting tasks independently.
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