An account on London clothing:
An introduction:
London is always known for its stunning locations and the historical tradition. However when we talk about the dressing code of the people of London, it is extremely versatile. To put in simple words, fashion in London is mainly defined by the countries infamous weather. The weather in this part of the world is highly unpredictable and changes rapidly. So if one asks what to wear in London, the answer would have everything to do with the weather.
Let us start off with winter.
London is cold and so the inhabitants believe in wrapping themselves up in lots of layers along with drinking lots of tea. Jeans is a common dress which is worn in almost all seasons. Along with that the ladies tend to use leggings or knee high socks to counter the severe coldness. Leather jackets and gloves are also seen regularly employed by both the sexes. The teens or school goers are seen supporting winter woollies, scarfs, hats and fancy hood cases. Wearing long sleeve pocket coats, long sleeve loosely fitted dresses, stitch sweaters, blazers and leather boots are also seen worn by the Londoners.
Now for the spring:
One of the chief characteristics of London Springs is that it rains a lot. It is the transition period between winter and summer. There are still some chills in the air and so what the Londoners do is still use some layers to prevent catching some cold. People are regularly seen wearing coats or normal jackets. Scarfs are also a common component which is regularly tended by its inhabitants. Some women are seen wearing skirts along with a double layer beneath as it can get quite breezy. On the London countryside some people are seen wearing sweaters made from wool.  Apart from that some of the other dress codes which the London inhabitants cater to are Trench coats, Denim jackets, loosely fitted sweaters, cotton printed trousers, slim fitted jeans by the ladies and regular or cow boy tapered fit jeans by the men, striped loose tea shirts, occasional scarfs and etc. A pair of boots is also common.
Finally the summer:
The thing with London summers is that they can be warm and also be wet, so its inhabitants are prepared for both. Bright colored cotton T shirts, three quarters, hats, sun shades and white shirts are a common sight.  However due to the occasional flowing of the breeze, some inhabitants are also seen wearing some regular jackets or pull-overs just to be on the safe side. Jersey skirts are a popular choice among the ladies.
Some other options which people tend to are white or light colored linen shirts, cute basic tops, cotton trousers, jeans, long sleeve blouse, drawstring pants and etc.
What Londoners wear on occasions?
       Men: good quality black or dark suits, white shirts, deep colored tie, deep socks and black shoes
       Women: cocktail or ballet long dresses
       Men: A Tuxedo generally black for some occasions, crisp white shirts, black tie, or bow tie, white socks and black formal shoes.
       Women: A long dress, preferably black, red or blue
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