The Freelander version of the land rover is a pretty nice car, both in terms of looks and performance. It is a compact sports utility vehicle or SUV in short, as per been mentioned by its manufacturers. This particular brand is available both in four-wheel & two-wheel drive. In the European continent, the version is known as the Freelander 2, while the same SUV is known as LR2 in the North America. The Land Rover Freelander has been using a monologue structure. The parts of this particular brand are known for the quality of material used and its durability.
The Land Rover Freelander was first launched in the year 1997, which continued its production until 2006. It is been referred to as the first generation Freelander. The Second generation debuted at a motor show in England in the year 2006. The Freelander achieved enough popularity amongst the people residing in the rural areas, especially the farmers mainly because of the car’s performance on rough roads. The Freelander has been engineered in such a way that the functional aspects of the vehicle stays at the top notch. Therefore, it can be easily estimated that the parts of the cars must be maintained with care. Though the structure of this particular SUV is very solid and powerful, accidents are unavoidable sometimes. This might cause damage to the machinery decorations of the car. During such hard times, it is appreciable to exchange the damaged parts with new ones. It must be kept in mind that these parts must be certified Freelander parts, as usage of unauthorized products can surely cause a reduction in the overall performance of the vehicle. In order to keep the Freelander parts at top notch, you must follow the following instructions.
Before going for a long journey, water levels in the car must be checked. If possible, surely check the levels every once in a week. This would surely avoid damage to the vehicle parts and prevent its breakdown. Like our body, our cars also need to be hydrated. No one desires to be stuck in a remote area for a night or two just because the car couldn’t keep up with the stress.
Another important step to keep the car alive and fresh is to change the VCU (viscous coupling unit) once your car travels every 60,000 miles. Some people prefer to change it every 70-80k miles but don’t do such mistake. It can cost you a ton.
In order to maintain the performance of this vehicle, you must take the car for servicing from certified technicians. Just make sure that the parts they use are not the duplicates.
It is often seen that the drivers neglect the noise that their car’s brakes make. If you also have avoided such a problem, do not repeat the same mistake again. This is an indication that your brakes are getting damaged. Just like your child screams if she gets hurt, same goes for the brakes used in your car. Replace them with new original Freelander brakes without waiting.
Last but not the least; always check for any oil leakage before going for a long ride.
The Freelander is a baby beast. It too has to be pampered, if you want it to provide you its best performance. Therefore, following these instructions would keep your car young and powerful forever. For more details please visit