NatcoAgency is the best manufacturer of hot dip galvanized nuts.  We are the best dealers and suppliers of nuts for production in automobiles, construction field etc.. The quality of product is the main motto of our company. Available with various sizes and various designs where all needs in one roof. The expecting finishing with latest cutting edge technology and full quality tested.
International Brands which is high demand in market and certified by ISO for branding. The nuts are compressed and made with good combination as well as exact friction levels to withstand rust and atmospheric moist.
Product and Standards:
A hot dip galvanized nuts is a type of hardware fastener with threaded hole. It is used to the mating bolt to opposite in order to fasten a stack combined. Either these combination makes a good friction and gives stretch towards the bolt. In order to avoid the loosing of nuts while vibration and rotation advance locking system was assisted. The property of the nuts are awarded by their strength and compact ability towards the bolts.
o       Castle Nuts
o       Cap Nuts
o       Wing Nuts
o       Flange Nuts
o       Hex Nuts
o       Square Nuts
o       Nylon Nuts
       The above mentioned nuts each has is own property with combined bolts. Elastic system, good friction management and intellectual property and measures are handled on manufacturing.
       The nuts are made with various metallic combination which withstand moist and rust.
       There are variable sizes like 4-12mm , 4-24mm etc.
       IF necessary the nuts are manufactured with the cast iron material.
The hot dip galvanized nuts manufacturing should have the below specifications..,
Castle Nuts: It’s a slotted nuts cut into one end. The torque is set properly so that the slot fixed easily and secure with safety pins or wire. In wheel bearing the low torque is recommended.
Cap and Wings Nut: It’s a dome nut and the wing nuts are made to hold easily and tightening the bolts.
Flange and Hex Nuts: These nuts are distributed in order to pressure and compression to corners and round off.
Nylon And Square Nuts: The nylon nuts are made to insert polymer and collar system. It’s a bottom face screws to be inserted and the withstand up to 250 OF. Square nuts are four sided nuts which resist on tightening its also typically matted with square headed bolts.

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