The internet has been proved to be a boon for students, homemakers and retired personnel. There is a plethora of ways to earn money when you have a blog with huge numbers of visitors.


As we know that blogging has been a household name during last couple of years. There are many sorts of bloggers available in the world to share their knowledge altogether free. Although, they share their knowledge free, they still earn a plethora of money from the international market. The blogging portals have been mushrooming these days. The people from all walks of life have the eagerness to read blog and get relevant information. Some are earning handsome amount by running blog. These online technocrats have left their 9 to 5 jobs that has brought money, respect and social standing for them. Though the bloggers don’t earn money from the people, their modus operandi to earn money is to get advertisement. The best way to send money to India from any county is either bank to bank or third party money transmitter.

There is a trend about travel blogging. The travel bloggers have a great demand due to emerging market of travel and tourism.

What the travel blogger do?

As a rule, the travel blogger keep on writing informative content on travel and tourism that is beneficial to the people. Once the blog gets popularity, there are ample of opportunities gets poured in. The opportunities come in different ways and means. They simply earn money either from Google network which is called Google AdSense. They may also earn money from the affiliate marketing.

Once they have higher numbers of users, the travel and tourism companies do keep in touch with them. That helps them to earn money. These travel and tourism companies do offer advertisement on their blogging portal.

The travel bloggers also do get offer from the hospitality industry. The hotel industry solely depends upon the travel and tourism department. Hence, the hotel and hospitality industry do offer money for the advertisement on blogging portal.

The travel bloggers keep on moving throughout the world. Some elite class travel blogger keep on moving with the help of laptop, mobile and an internet connection. Their modus operandi of the job is to take snapshot videos and post on the blog. The people keep on visiting the site and click on the advertisement to make a purchase. When the user makes purchase the blogger gets money in his account.

There are many Indian bloggers those who have kept their footstep in the blogging world and earn money. Today, online money transfer to India has been as easy as ABC. There are many agencies have been the medium of the international monetary transaction.

How the travel blogger receive money?

There was time when it was extremely difficult to earn money from the global market due to lack of opportunities and communication. However, the internet has been proved to be a boon for us. The banks are the primary source of receiving money from any destination of the world.

There are third party agencies those who have come to the market for your rescue. These third-party agencies are cheaper in their services. You will spend little money to send and receive money from the international market. However, it is very important to know the exchange rate beforehand to make profit. For example; you need to send and receive money from Australia, then you should know the current Australian Dollar Exchange rate without fail to make profit.