Antamedia HotSpot Software offers businesses the tools they need to provide free or paid Internet access to their patrons. Among the best WiFi hotspot software available, this solution is designed to be fully flexible and configurable, allowing you to control and manage Internet access to business premises of any size. In fact, this solution is so scalable that you can even use it to manage public Internet access for an entire city! The only limit is your license, which sets a maximum number of connected users, but higher editions are unlimited and upgrading is easier than ever. You can also try the free demo version, which allows you to manage Internet access for up to three users.

Outstanding Ease of Use

It does not take much time to set up and configure Antamedia HotSpot Software on your local network, and the controls are easily understood. Thanks to the secure and password-protected control panel, you can easily configure Internet access to as many users as your license allows. It doesn’t matter what type of device your customers or employees are using to access the network either, since it allows you to control access on any type of device, independent of the operating systems they are running. It is not necessary to install any client-side software either. As such, your users can easily connect to your network as they would any other. They’ll then be greeted by a welcome screen that allows them to log in.

Excellent Customizability

Antamedia HotSpot Software allows you to preserve your branding by giving you a fully customizable welcome page to use. The latest edition even provides 50 brand new themes for different businesses ranging from sushi bars to dental clinics. The signup page has also been simplified, taking the number of steps needed to log in down to only two. Mobile devices are now fully accommodated too, so you can be sure that your customers will have a smooth and easy user experience. Users can even sign up using a mobile number for verification. Alternatively, users can log in with their favorite social media accounts. The software now supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google an VKontakte, making it easier and faster than ever before to get down to surfing.

Improved Performance and Monitoring

As you would expect from some of the best WiFi hotspot software available, this solution provides speed management controls, allowing you to manage bandwidth consumption and create usage plans as required. For example, you can decrease per-user download and upload speeds to provide a better service during peak times or you can lift restrictions during the night. Scheduling usage plans couldn’t be easier either thanks to the intuitive and clearly guided interface. At the same time, a new feature allows you to monitor all access points and connected devices to help ensure optimal performance and reliability all round. One click away is also a statistics dashboard that shows you an overview of all important details, such as bandwidth consumed, uptime, number of sessions and much more.

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