Permanent magnets are objects made from magnetized material and produce continual magnetic fields. Everyday examples include refrigerator magnets used to hold notes on a refrigerator door. Although the ferromagnetic materials are the only ones attracted by a strong magnet, all other substances respond frankly to a magnetic field. If you are interested in owning Permanent Magnets we present you some of its advantages:

One of the advantages of Permanent Magnets is to produce a longitudinal magnetic field between the poles, in which the modern variants of the horseshoe magnet have adjustable arms and can have ends removed from the poles. The detectability of the defect is 90ยบ for both poles.

No Power Supply Required:

Another great advantage is that when using the magnets, it will not depend on an external power supply. Although not dependent on power, some magnets have a chargeable battery, keep that in mind, before opting for a solution.

Adherence to different vertical surfaces:

If you need to put on a vertical surface, these magnets are one of the best options thanks to their permanent nature, and also to the fact that they hold each other. If you opt for a vertical magnet, make sure you calibrate the power level you need, according to the strength you need to exert.

No Electrical Problems and Very Cheap:

If you have electrical problems, if you choose this option, you will no longer have problems with electrical contacts.

The same thing happens if you think this is an expensive pro since you are facing one of the best things about this magnet, you do not have to pay much to get it. They sound expensive, but they are not.

Lightweight option:

By the last great advantage, something that worries a lot of people is the weight factor. But rest assured that if you choose this option, you can count on a considerably lightweight option, so you can opt for it if you want to keep things clear.

Ever convinced of the innumerable advantages that permanent magnets have? If not, make sure to research further on this product for your own leisure in order to find out how these components can help you to achieve exactly what you intend.