USB flash drives still provide the most convenient way to transfer data between computers without having to be subject to slow Internet connections. However, their convenience does come at a price, and that’s that they’re extremely susceptible to getting lost or stolen. Losing the device itself might be one thing, but the data stored on it is likely worth a lot more to you than the hardware alone. After all, USB flash drives are often used for backing up or transferring important data, such as personal files of the type that you wouldn’t want to end up in the wrong hands.

Windows does not provide any native feature to secure external drives, despite them being so vulnerable. You will need third-party software to safeguard the content, and that’s exactly where USB Flash Security comes in. This small and simple utility is designed to protect data on any external USB drive. It will encrypt data stored on them, keeping them protected by a password that only you will need to know. As such, even if your flash drive does end up in the wrong hands, the data on it will remain completely inaccessible to anyone without the password. In other words, the drive will be completely useless to them unless it’s wiped.

There are several different editions of USB Flash Security available, so there is a perfect solution for your individual requirements. The freeware edition, for example, is available for personal use only and allows you to secure USB drives or storage volumes up to 4 GB in size. That doesn’t mean it will only work with drives 4 GB or less, however, since you can opt to protect only a part of the drive, leaving the rest of the available storage space easily accessible. Alternatively, you might want to try the unlimited edition, which will work with any USB flash drives regardless of their capacity.

The ability to only encrypt a section of the drive is actually very useful, even if you are using the unlimited edition. For a start, it always takes slightly longer for the operating system to read an encrypted drive, since it must decrypt the data first. You also need to enter the password every time you want to access the data. As such, there’s no point in encrypting files that don’t need to be protected. That aside, USB Flash Security uses the fastest encryption algorithms currently available, allowing for the best possible performance even if you’re encrypting the entire drive.

USB Flash Security works with any external USB drive, including full-fledged external hard drives, flash memory cards and, of course, conventional USB pen drives. Thanks to the straightforward and intuitive interface, protecting all or part of the drive entails just a few clicks. You don’t need any special knowledge to get started, and there is no learning curve to worry about. Simply choose the most appropriate licence for your needs, and protect any USB drive within minutes. To find out more or to try out the freeware edition, visit