Macintosh users will find themselves quite restricted when they try to access a storage device formatted in the Windows default NTFS file system. Despite the fact that NTFS is the most common file system of all, macOS only provides very limited support for it. As such, working with any storage devices formatted in that file system tends to be complicated, despite it being the Windows norm for more than a decade. For example, if you want to access files stored on an NTFS-formatted pen drive, you’ll likely run into problems, such as being unable to write any data to the drive without first formatting it and deleting all its contents. With Tuxera NTFS for Mac, however, you’ll be able to use the drive as though it were formatted for Mac in the first place.

Excellent Compatibility Options

Tuxera NTFS for Mac doesn’t just allow you to access files stored on an NTFS-formatted drive – it also provides a range of other useful features to offer optimal performance and complete protection over your data. There is no complicated setup process either, and the program will provide immediate access to all NTFS partitions, even multiple ones on the same drive, as soon as it has been installed. It works in all Macintosh operating systems from OS X 10.4 to the current macOS. The program is also optimized to take advantage of 64-bit architecture, thus improving performance. At the same time, you will have access to all the unique NTFS features, such as extended file attributes, virtualization and data encryption.

Outstanding Ease of Use

Whether you’re just a casual user wanting to transfer some files stored on a Windows-formatted flash disc that friend lent you or you’re a professional who uses data encryption and other advanced features, Tuxera provides the solution you need. It is designed to save time and offer exceptional ease of use thanks to its minimal learning curve. There are no complicated user procedures, and it functions intuitively as soon as it has been installed. You’ll even be able to format external devices in the NTFS file system using the included Disk Utility program. This program also provides disk maintenance and repair features for solving a wide variety of different problems. There is also a comprehensive activity log to help you keep track of your drives.

Natively, Macintosh computers can only read the files stored on NTFS drives. They cannot be copied, edited or deleted, making the natively supported features extremely limited and particularly useless to anyone who uses both a Mac and a PC. Of course, no advanced features, such as drive partitioning, encryption and extended file attributes are supported either. Fortunately, Tuxera NTFS for Mac is safe and easy to use while also helping to keep your data safe thanks to its smart caching layer technology. This provides improved performance and security, making working with NTFS-formatted drives much the same as it is with Windows. If you want to bring NTFS drives to your Mac, visit and download the 15-day trial today.