If we are talking about the business that a interlinked between customers and entrepreneur will b create automatically in our mind. Every business has its own customer it may be large in quantity of may be less depends what type of nature of that business are. They need to maintain the information to relate their customers that are valuable by many ways. So if organization wants to keeps that information for a long time, secure and fast and easy accessible than they have to switched from paper work to technology (CRM)
What a CRM:-   In a simple word CRM is a system for recording and storing all  information  related to customer interaction. The motto of storing customers’ data / detail is , keeping track all the information for future use of the company .
What is ERP: – CRM focused on the customer’s detail where Erp is a system is made for improving the business process. It makes help to making a plan for better execution.
Why CRM –ERP Development Company made a useful product to small size of business.
1.      CRM is useful for sharing the information and collecting customer data for fruitful result.
2.      It is used by executive level to management level to create sales report, follow-ups, verifying detail and generate the invoice.
3.      The main aim of CRM is customer retention and relation in better way.
4.      Because of its automation feature sales person would be focused on selling not data maintaining.
5.      ERP reduce the business coast. It focused on coast cutting.
Many startups start their business journey from a single room of office there a department means a small table by ending one table another department would be start in that case software is better option for maintain all the task perfectly .