Ever felt tired? Ever experienced one of those awful days where nothing ever seems to go right? Feeling so blah? Do not feel like stepping out at all? But have a lot of work pending?

Fear not!

The internet is here.

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Dear netizens, the internet that we love so much is a god given a boon.

We need not even step out of our homes. Imagine how easy it is for a vampire! They needn’t even brave out this scorching sun, all they haveto have is an internet connection.

But jokes apart, our lives have been made so much better and comfortable by this internet access. Everything we require is available at the click of our finger.

Our day to day life’s quality has improved drastically from before the adventof the internet.

Think about it, our parents tell us a tales on how they walked for miles and miles to get coriander and lemons and always pocket that change and get crunchy pappads.

Now, all they do is grab the tablet from our hands, interrupt our series time, say they have to grab groceries and quickly order online and return it even before we finish complaining, they give it back and walk away with a lot of swag.

Not only groceries, we can get a plumber online if our pipe decides to burst into tears because of the (water) pressure it faces, we can get our homes decorated by an interior designer of the internet, we can become an overnight sensation by posting our ‘own’ compositions over the internet, we can even get the parlor tour living room, while we ask the car wash guy, whom to we got over the internet, to give our cars a thorough waterwash. And, long distance relationships, they are possible only because of the internet.

In short, we can live our lives online and also share how welive it, on the internet.

Jokes apart, this about the differently abled people, most of our roads, is not friendly towards them, most of our constructionsare not friendly towards them. It is tough on them to brave this word, and on top of that, we are extremelyjudgement, we the people on the outside, the healthy ones, always hesitate and scorn if we have to give them preference or if they cut the line. Our attitude to is at fault.

The Internet has made their world so much easier.

Not only them, gone are the days when a student has to come back from school, exhausted, immediately fresh up just to run to their tuition classes where they better understand what is taught at school. The internet now provides them with stellar home tutorsatBangalore itself at sites such as Home Tutors in Bangalore at www.genextstudents.com.

This is just a proof of how easy the internet has made our lives. We are the generation that has it easy and takes pride in it.

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